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  • Fight the fly companion

    Fight the flu companion (Free)

    This application provides flu information in United States from the CDC feeds.
    You can view articles, pages, listen to Podcasts, and view the current flu status (+ history by week) on Bing Maps.

    Download Fight the flu for Windows Phone
  • admob stats

    admob stats (0,99$)

    By using our application, you can directly access your admob account and view the latest statistics related to your Ads and Campaigns, by day, month, etc...
    All you need to do is apply for your private key at, and provide the mandatory information on the admob stats main screen.
    Once logged in, you can select the information you want to consult and immediately see the numbers ( with graphics).

    Download admob stats for Windows Phone
  • Lottery Results

    Lottery Results AD (Free)

    Lottery Results helps you to consult the latest lottery results from Belgium, France, Italy, United States, Australia,United Kingdom, Spain, South Africa, Canada. Some of the results will also provide history.


    Download Lottery Results for Windows Phone

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Version History

Fight the flu companion June 2011

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  • New Version 1.0.0

admob statistics May 2011

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  • New Version 1.1.0

Lottery Results AD March 2011

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  • New Version 1.0.0

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